Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Reason # 485 why my co-workers will not miss me if I find a new job

I notice that I'm getting a call from a local outside sales guy for our company who always dials me directly rather than going through our receptionist. Like for a year...he dials me directly. No need to go through the receptionist EVER. I often give him crap and assume that my joke will not fool him for a moment.

I was wrong.

Me: [name of company], this is Anne

Him: Uh...yeah, Anne [last name that is NOT Kennedy],please.

Me: Sure, may I ask who's calling?

Him: David [his last name that is also not Kennedy].

Me: Hmmm...I don't have that name down as acceptable names to patch through.

Him: What? I'm a TSR (stands for technical sales rep) for [name of company]. It's me, David. David [his last name]

Me: Oh. Sorry. I thought you were someone else. Hold please.

Me (after a minute of humming boring hold music): Looks like I found her. Let me patch you through.

Me: [name of company], this is Anne.

Him: Hi!

.....and SCENE!

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Kelly said...

Good call on humming the hold music! He might not have been fooled otherwise! Seriously?!