Tuesday, September 23, 2008

RE: the post below

FIRST, let me say that it is so wonderful reading comments, getting your emails, and even getting phone calls. Who knew so many of you read my blog? :) I am so very blessed to have friends like you.

Having said that I need to make sure that if I'm going to blog about a subject, perhaps I should be a little more clear. Perhaps I should start the blog posting after about 5:30 AM so that I am more clear. Perhaps I should stop drinking in the morning. Nahhh.

Anyway, somehow I came across in my previous posting that I was afraid of trainers, scared to go to a personal training session, or something of the like. Now, I AM afraid of roaches, mice in my house, of having my recurring nightmare where the Honey Nut Cheerio bee chases me around the house, and of Sarah Palin becoming our President...but trainers? Not so much. I'm happy to learn how to do anything that would teach me a better way to do things. I've been to a trainer before when I lived in Oklahoma and was pleased with the results.

My gym is a corporate one. You can say that it's open 24 hours. :) They offer me free samples of power bars, energy drinks, etc. every other time I'm in there. It is a national corporation a national business; one that is carefully crafted to make sure that they thrive even in these tough economic times. I bought the membership because it IS open 24 hours a day, it had the machines I wanted to work out on, they offer free classes, and it was within a price range I was willing to pay.

The guy who signed me up "sold" the free session as a free training session. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that Dmitry said it was going to be a health assessment. I didn't know what that consisted of but was concerned that it involved weighing, discussions on my diet, calipers, and a way for them to up-sell the training sessions. I wasn't exactly seeing it as something worth my time...and actually when it came down to it, I didn't want the gym to be a place of discouragement. I wanted to keep that place as a stress reducer and a positive thing versus a place that I left feeling sad, discouraged, and down about where I am. Those things are not motivating to me...not even a little bit.

I was all set to cancel the session after Lance told me that it was only going to be a consultation. No working out. I called Dmitry and he assured me that although I wouldn't be able to leave there with a concrete plan on what to do, that I would get something out of it.

He was wrong.

It took an hour and a half. An hour and a half of him telling me that I was overweight and telling me about how I needed to do resistance training as well as cardio. I kept nodding to try to move him faster. I've come to know a few truths in this world. One of them is that there is no rushing Dmitry.

Hell, he even had visual graphics showing me pyramids and dots and lines showing how bodies should be lined up. Despite me telling him that I already have an eating plan that I'm very happy with (which happens to be a nationally acclaimed program that doctors recommend), he could not be deterred from his script. He was disappointed that I didn't want him to use the calipers and figure out my body fat percentage. I emphatically don't want to concentrate on those numbers now.

Eventually, I started to zone out...I started to concentrate on the emerging cold sore or zit on the edge of his lip. Seriously, that thing GREW in the hour and a half! And I couldn't determine if it was a cold sore or a zit. I, sadly, gave this way more thought than necessary.

In the end, he was trying to push me into buying supplements and signing up for the next training session - one where we would really get down to the meat of things and we would have a plan. It was easy to tell him no.

I am still really happy about the gym. I feel like it is a great way for me to reduce my stress level, be healthier, and for me to have time for me. I'm not going to stop going to the gym, and personal training may be something that I think about for the future.

However; I'm still worried about the possibility of Sarah Palin running our country.

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Ginger said...

Amen to the Sarah Palin remark. As you can tell from my blog, I am just a little peeved by her.. um. by the Republican party... by our government/country in general.

And good for you for sacking Dmitry. Wait. That sounded dirty. This is how rumors get started.