Monday, September 01, 2008


Good grief! I can't/don't want to believe that this weekend is over.

This weekend I went to my best friend's place to visit - and had so much fun that I definitely didn't want this weekend to end. It's true, that when Kelly and I visit with each other, you never really know what you're going to get. One time, we ended up stranded on the side of the road in Arkansas because driving to Memphis that weekend seemed like a great idea. A good idea until the fuel pump went out on highway. That led us to a Waffle House in the middle of nowhere where I guy was dancing/drunken swaying to "Hillbilly Shoes." At several points in the song, he sang to his hands. Note to self: METH IS BAD.

Anyway, I gave her the afghan and she said she loved it - which was very much a relief. It matched her furniture downstairs and Buttercup (their bulldog) approved.

And, at long last, I got to see my t-shirt quilt. The quilt is bigger than a king size bedspread and has flannel in between the shirts and on the back. I absolutely love it and feel like it is a great way to honor some of the events that I participated in from 1995 - 2000. I only wish I hadn't given away, lost, traded, or set fire to the missing t-shirts. I'm glad that I have the one where I helped break a world record (no, I'm not kidding) as well as ones that remind me of the summer jobs I had. I helped with the binding for the quilt too - so that was nice for her to save a piece so I could feel a part of it.

Just so you can see the detail of the daisies in the flannel on the front (the back is red flannel with a super cute pattern):
For those that are wondering, the Ben & Jerry's shirt was from the Head RA trip that Patrick and I took to Vermont (not just because I like B&J's). That trip is SUPPOSED to be a ton of fun...or so I heard from Jon and Diane (the HRAs before me). Ours, however, was a tad different. Our adviser, James, (the only other person we knew in Vermont) had a divorce that was finalized on the first day of our trip. A divorce that he did not want. So was it a happy fun trip? Not so much. In fact, the only highlight of the trip was going to the factory tour...ahhh....good memories.

The best thing is that she made a label for the quilt... the label actually says:
"To Anne: Here's to quilts, we love them best, we love them best when we need rest...Made with love by Kelly, August 2008" which is a VERY G-rated version of a toast we used to shout when we imbibed a tad too much. In fact, the toast had nothing to do with quilts or rest. It's another memory that I can laugh at - and one that my kids will shake their heads at and feel sorry for their lame mom and her friend that must really love quilts. Side note: I am looking forward to being that uncool mom.

Until then, I'm just glad I'm home. My quilt and I are on the couch while Chassis is snoring. Boarding her must be pretty stressful because when she comes home from it, she typically sleeps for 12 hours straight. In fact, I just got up and tried to coax her to go outside and she was all "Where is the snooze button for you?"


Jon Hey said...

I totally remmeber some of those shirts. And, I'm sorry your trip wasn't as "fun" as ours. Just remember, I had the suicide at the tail end of our trip, so maybe neither was really that good.

happyfunpants said...

Okay - you're right. Your trip was better...and my after the trip was better. So really, not so bad.

But - did you see the Winter volleyball tournament shirt - HOSTED BY ALTMAN 6? It's way at the top and I laughed when I saw I still had the shirt. Just because it does make me think of you.